Digital consulting - PATHADVICE success story with Yvonne de Bark

The digital wave of technical development has now reached almost every industry. Even insurance companies, trainers, coaches and e-commerce merchants can easily conduct consultations via their websites or generate sales with the help of digital tools. "Being online" is an everyday attitude for both provider and consumer, and it's hard to imagine life without it. But how can you successfully, for example as a coach, pick up, address and advise customers via the website without experiencing dropouts in the consulting process? What software could be used for digital consultations? Yvonne de Bark, successful actress and author of 11 professional books has written a success story with PATHADVICE that needs to be told. Learn in this blog post how Yvonne de Bark achieved €15,000 in sales in just 4 days using the PATHADVICE software.


Pathadvice Digital Consulting - Easily pick-up of customers from the website

First of all, let's take a look at the software from PATHADVICE. Basically, as a service provider with products that require explanation, such as insurance packages, training products, coaching services, you can address visitors online via your own website and invite them to a consultation via the video chat function. The software supports the entire consultation and sales process. PATHADVICE identifies the visitors, provides communication tools and enables consultation. In the past, for example, you had to visit trade fairs as a coach and make contact with interested parties, then schedule a personal conversation to arrange a consultation. Thanks to today's “being online” mentality - i.e. today everyone is on the Internet via all possible devices - you can literally pick up customers from the website for consultation with the PATHADVICE software. In the next paragraph we will find out what problems service providers in digital consulting are struggling with.

The initial situation many service providers have

Everyone knows the hectic search for a consultant in their favorite store: If you go shopping in a hardware store and need a specific product, you and many others also have the problem of finding this product. The search for a hardware store advisor who can help you is usually just as difficult as the search for your own product itself. The result is depressed customers leaving without having achieved anything. You can also imagine the situation on your website in the same way. Customers visit your website, but they cannot find the product and continue to search. Even though you are offering the exact product of interest. The solution to this problem is digital consultation. Another problem for many service providers is that they all have a nice website and an additional, digital business card that draws potential customers' attention to the products / services, but despite all visual efforts, nothing is sold on this site. The expert for non-verbal communication Yvonne de Bark also had to struggle with this problem. Let's take a closer look at the PATHADVICE success story with Yvonne de Bark in the next chapter.


Yvonne de Bark - expert for advice

Yvonne de Bark, a successful actress, is a well-known face in Germany. In recent years the actress has established herself as an expert in the non-verbal communication sector and has published 11 specialist books on this subject. The former actress also sells courses in body language, presentation, etc. on her website. Yvonne often had to listen to the compliment: “You have a nice website.” But when she heard this, Yvonne always thought the same thing: “It doesn't sell anything”. The conclusion: A nice website, but unfortunately only a few inquiries via the contact form. The solution to Yvonne's problem at the time was: PATHADVICE Connect.

Selling of successful consultation is based on the psychological principle: "People buy from people". Especially in the coaching, trainer or insurance industry, customers want to get to know the provider personally. The pandemic made this essential, personal process of getting to know each other extremely difficult. Many service providers in this industry shake their heads helplessly and don't know what to do next. Yvonne dared to take the step and implemented the PATHADVICE Connect software on her website. By using this software, Ms. De Bark offers personal advice directly on the website. As soon as a customer was on Yvonne's side, they received a message from the software and with one click could invite the customer to a digital consultation via a small window on the side. In just 4 days alone, Yvonne generated 15,000 euros in sales with the help of PATHADVICE Connect and gained new customers.

Generate more sales and customers with digital consulting from PATHADVICE

Are you a trainer, consultant or coach and own a website? Don't fret at home and hope that the current situation will improve with social distancing. With PATHADVICE you can provide personal digital advice on your website and advise your potential visitors. Or: Get your customers on the website with PATHADVICE and convert them to customers. Your website should not only look beautiful, but also sell - as Yvonne de Bark would say so beautifully.