PATHADVICE Video Consulting: Help Is Just One Click Away!

Meet buyers when their buying interest is at its peak! How PATHADVICE recreates the entire retail shop experience online.


It’s the weekend, and you want to fix the house. The kitchen wall needs fresh paint, the sink is leaking, and your bathroom door hinges make an unbearable squeaking sound. It’s time to get it done, and you’re in the DIY shop to get all you need for the tasks at hand.

But as it happens so frequently in DIY shops, you just can’t find exactly what you need. No problem, let’s ask the staff. You look for someone to help.

Bummer! No staff around! Have you ever been in this situation? Probably yes. Good customer service has become rare. Retailers are struggling as eCommerce is booming, resulting in cost-pressure, which means shops are cutting staff costs. That’s a major mistake because face-to-face customer service is the key advantage brick-and-mortar stores still have over the online competition.

Capture buying interest when it’s highest

Owning the customer relationship is key for retail stores, and face-to-face interactions are essential to build and maintain these relationships.

Another benefit of face-to-face customer service is that sellers can capture the buying interest when it’s highest. You made your way to the DIY shop already, and you have time to fix the house this weekend. That means you want to buy your door hinges now; you don’t want them tonight, you don’t want them tomorrow. You want them now!!

If you now meet a seller who shows you door hinges, explains the differences, and consults you on the best buy, the chances you end up buying are high. Even if hinges are slightly more expensive here than elsewhere, you are still likely to buy. Your buying interest is at its peak, and businesses want to meet you at precisely this time.

Being able to directly interact with clients at the peak of their buying interest has so far been an advantage of stationery businesses. E-commerce sellers could not pick up clients and interact with them face-to-face through their website.


Times have changed. PATHADVICE.

PATHADVICE video sales software enables businesses to create the same face-to-face interactions that you used to have in stationery businesses.

It works like this: You go to the DIY shop’s website and look around for your door hinges. Can’t find them? No problem, there is a chat window in the lower right corner with the face of a friendly service executive waving at you. Wanna chat?


So far, so good; chat windows are not exactly an innovation anymore. What is new though is that with PATHADVICE you can not only use text chat, but you can video chat with the DIY executive.

Once the video chat opens, you can tell him or her what you are looking for. The executive can even co-browse the website with you and show you their selection of hinges. You receive the same consulting quality as you used to do in the DIY shop, and the executive can lead you to the checkout page and close the transaction.

Bottom-line: The customer gets the best possible service, and the sales executive meets him when his buying interest is at its peak – that is when he visits the DIY shop website and is ready to buy!

And even better: The chat window is always available. It won’t happen anymore that you stroll through the floors trying to find someone to show you the way. With PATHADVICE, help is always just one click away!