How COVID Has Changed Customer Relations: Video Consulting Is Your Chance to Grow Your Business

Video consulting has created a new way to build customer relationships. Small businesses that start using innovative video tools today will significantly grow their market share.


The COVID pandemic has turned many lives upside down, and it has changed how we interact with each other. Contact restrictions, home office, virtual meetings, and even digital after-hour socializing; the pandemic has catapulted us several miles into the digital age.

If you think that’s a temporary phenomenon, you are mistaken. The trend to a more digital economy is nothing new, it has been ongoing for decades, but the pandemic has accelerated it tremendously. Years of digital progress have happened within just several months and created a “new digital normal” that has come to stay.

For you as a small business owner, that means you have to adjust your business to the new reality so that you won’t get left behind.

Strong customer relations are key for small businesses

Small businesses have many disadvantages against their larger competitors, but they also have a significant edge: They can build stronger customer relationships. While customer service executives of large corporations have to stick to often slow and tedious processes and procedures, small businesses can react much faster and more flexibly to customer requests – given the proper interaction channels!

So far, that channel was mainly the local retail store, but that has now changed. Since the onset of the pandemic, stores had to remain closed, which forced companies to create new ways for customers to interact with their businesses – and most importantly: without losing their key competitive advantage of owning the client relationship.

The solution is Video chat!

Video chat has turned out a fantastic tool during the pandemic. It provides customers a way to get in touch with a business from the comfort (and safety) of their homes while still enabling them to interact face-to-face with the store personnel they have known for many years. Video consultations provide an unbeatable combination of comfort and relationship management that no business can afford to miss anymore.


Implement video chat directly on your website

The best way to implement video chat is directly on your website. That’s where PATHADVICE comes into play: When customers visit your website, a small chat window pops up in the lower right corner of your page. Customers can then start a text chat with your service or sales staff, and at any point, switch from text chat to video chat.



Starting with text chat first instead of directly offering a video consultation is essential, as text chat is less intimidating. The customers can switch to video chat as soon as they feel comfortable with it.

Video consultations via PATHADVICE are more than just “chats.” Your sales staff can for example co-browse websites with your customers to help them navigate your online offerings. You can help clients find products, onboard them to your services, and even close transactions while directing signing contracts using digital signatures online.

PATHADVICE effectively reconstructs the in-store customer experience digitally, including face-to-face interaction and relationship management.


Use the opportunity window to expand your market share

The pandemic has kicked off the shift from in-store to video consulting. We at PATADVICE believe video consulting will soon become a standard tool that every business will use.

That also means businesses today still have the chance to be a frontrunner. Just like the first businesses using social media channels had the opportunity to outgrow their competitors by building better customer relations, businesses using video consulting tools today can massively grow their market share just by being more innovative than their competitors.

Virtually every business, from local brick-and-mortar stores to coaches, doctors, and real estate agents, can use video consulting software like PATHADVICE to their advantage. The opportunity window is open now; use it today before it becomes the new normal!