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Live chat function, video consultation, co-browsing, visitor recognition, legally binding online contracts, scheduling tool…

PATHADVICE – the all-round solution

for digital sales & consulting processes


PATHADVICE enables you to instantly recognise website visitors and to engage with them directly as they browse your website. The video chat and/or the co-browsing function allows you to go through online presentations, forms or contracts with potential and existing customers. Using the appointment tool, website visitors can plan appointments with your consultants independently. Finally, with our signature and video ID integration you can conclude legally binding contracts online.


  • Easy integration - no programming skills required
  • REspecially suitable for the digital distribution of products requiring intensive consultation
  • Cost-effective "all in" solution for digital sales & consulting processes
  • Simple and monthly cancelable licence model

How PATHADVICE helps...


Better consulting

... your customers

  • Online video consultation options
  • Conclude contracts online
  • Plan your own appointments online
  • Contact independent consultants directly for a consultation
More efficient consulting & selling

... your employees

  • More efficient online consulting
  • Optimal digital sales opportunity for products requiring intensive consultation
  • Customer identification on the website, optimising inbound sales opportunities
Easy integration

... your IT department

  • Easy integration
  • Cloud-based Solution
  • Many interfaces

Clients who trust in our solution

Digitise sales & consulting - Monetise website visitors

All PATHADVICE functions at a glance

Identify website visitors

Identify your webiste visitors and receive additional information.

Reach website visitors online

Actively address website visitors directly on the website.

Let customers plan appointments online

Your customers can book consultation appointments directly online via a calendar.

Start consulting & sales online

Online consultations can be started via video chat directly from the website.

Present and show online

Share, present and work with customers via our co-browsing function.

Signing contracts with legal certainty

Use integrated procedures to conclude contracts online with legal certainty.



PATHADVICE supports companies and organisations in digitising and streamlining the sales and consulting process.

With functions such as video chat, you can digitally enter into direct sales and consulting discussions. Use functions such as co-browsing to fill in forms together on screen or to hold presentations and demonstrations in a unique way.

With the integrated appointment tool, your website visitors can plan a consultation directly with your team.

With the integrated qualified electronic signature or video identification procedure, customers have the ability to sign legally binding contracts online .


Sales professionals rely on PATHADVICE

#Usecase insurance
Higher closing rates with lower distribution costs speak for themselves
  • More online deals 28% 28%
  • Savings in distribution costs 40% 40%
  • Customer satisfaction after the consultation 96% 96%
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